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Our Platform

The ESG software that saves your time

Our AI engine enables enterprises to produce audit-ready metrics from raw data, helping them measure and report their sustainability performance with accuracy, transparency and efficiency.
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Sustainability Disclosures

Report across all frameworks

We offer support in crafting audit-ready reports for any sustainability disclosure. Select from our predefined frameworks or customize one to meet your investors' or customers' demands.

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ESG Flo at a glance

Explore our results and join the revolution in ESG data management—we can make the difference for you.

Client Testimonials

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"This is a one-stop-shop for us. We don’t have to go to multiple data owners to get information. The tool does exactly what we need it to."

Head of ESG
Real Estate & Co.
White StarWhite StarWhite StarWhite StarWhite Star

“The reporting functionality is much more robust than our current solution and builds on data audibility and transparency. I love that it is less clunky and more user-friendly."

Head of ESG and Compliance
Energy & Co.
White StarWhite StarWhite StarWhite StarWhite Star

“We’ve automated a very manual processes, saving time and resources for other projects. It’s been better tracking, a single source of truth, and much higher visibility.”

Chief Sustainability Officer
Petroleum & Co.

The ESG platform
made for you

Customized solutions for the unique needs of your industry
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Our Services

Consulting support to help you thrive

Beyond our software solution, we offer comprehensive sustainability services through strategic collaborations with expert professionals and partners. Simply share your sustainability priorities with us, and we'll guide you to achieve them efficiently and effectively.
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