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Your challenges

Sustainability consultants stand on the front lines of corporate transformation, guiding their clients through the intricacies of ESG integration. Yet, the ground beneath them is often shaky - built on the unstable sands of inadequate data.

The challenge is twofold: not only must consultants navigate the absence of a solid ESG data baseline, but they also face the challenging task of yearly data collection, a process fraught with inefficiencies and redundancies.

This precarious foundation hampers their ability to deliver the profound, actionable insights that drive real value for clients, rendering their noble quest for sustainability a struggle rather than a stride.

Sustainability challenges
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Our solution

Picture a tool that lays a solid foundation of reliable, comprehensive ESG data, allowing consultants to stand firm in their assessments and recommendations.

This means they can spend more time helping clients improve rather than chasing down information. It's like giving consultants a treasure map where X marks the spot of reliable, easy-to-use data.

Empowered with robust, actionable data, consultants can now focus their talents where they shine brightest - in crafting innovative strategies and solutions that propel their clients towards sustainability excellence.

The ESG Reporting Software made for your needs

ESG data infrastructure
Reliable baseline data
Yearly data collection
Real value delivery
Time and resource
Enhanced client
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Case Study

Streamlining data processes and compliance

A sustainability consultancy was tasked with improving the ESG performance of a client company but was hindered by inaccurate ESG data. Implementing ESG Flo enabled the consultancy to access reliable, automated data, allowing them to focus on strategic sustainability initiatives. This led to significant improvements in the client's ESG performance and reporting, solidifying the consultancy's reputation for delivering impactful sustainability solutions.

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