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Transforming ESG Compliance Through AI Automation

ESG Flo is a SaaS compliance platform with AI-powered data ingestion capabilities and comprehensive traceability features for third-party verification.

ESG Flo: Simplifying ESG Compliance

Explore the innovative world of ESG Flo, your ultimate solution for simplifying sustainability reporting and ESG compliance management.

AI-Powered ESG Data Infrastructure Platform Raises Millions

ESG Flo, an AI-powered data infrastructure platform, raises $5.25 million in seed funding. Read what Patrick Obeid, founder and CEO of ESG Flo has to say.

ESG Software Company Raises $5.25M to Automate ESG Data Gathering

ESG Flo, an ESG software company, raises $5.25M in funding to automate data gathering with the help of AI-powered software to get accurate ESG reports.

Global ESG Climate Risk Platforms and Reporting Market

Explore the thriving market of global ESG climate risk platforms and reporting. Discover the latest advancements in ESG reporting software market and more.

Patrick Obeid: Journey from Bain Consultant to ESG CEO

Discover Patrick Obeid's transformation from a Bain consultant to a successful ESG CEO. Patrick’s episode will interest many. Learn what he has to say.

Achieving Sustainability Goals with Bain & Company Venture

With the help of Bain & Company, this new venture leverages AI and ESG software to assist companies in achieving sustainability goals.

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