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Case Study


Overcoming Scope 3, Category 1 emissions calculation challenges


Furniture & Co. is a ~$1.7B furniture manufacturer based in the USA.

The company faced significant challenges in accurately measuring Scope 3 emissions within Category 1, Purchased Goods and Services (PG&S), across their 2000+ suppliers.


Over a 90-day collaboration, ESG Flo:
Mapped out all suppliers
Identified the suppliers responsible for the most emissions
Automated the collection of mass-based data about purchases
Found precise emission factors for emission calculations
Provided clear summaries of emissions by supplier and purchase item

“Using the mass-based approach is more accurate and will make our total emission calculations more precise."

Sustainability Coordinator
Furniture & Co.
Case Study

Real Estate

Streamlining the collection of water usage for CDP reporting


Office & Co. is a ~$750M global workspace provider headquartered in Switzerland.

The company faced a critical challenge as they prepared for CDP reporting. They needed comprehensive data on water consumption from their 3000+ offices, and the complexity was compounded by the diversity of languages used in their water invoices.


Over a 30-day project, ESG Flo:
Identified the most impactful locations for data collection, optimizing process efficiency
Automated the extraction of water consumption, cost, and time data from utility bills in over 30 languages
Organized the extracted data by country, simplifying the reporting process
Provided accurate and reliable data ready for CDP reporting

“This is a one-stop-shop for us. We don’t have to go to multiple data owners to get information. The tool does exactly what we need it to."

Head of ESG
Office & Co.
Case Study


Automating Scope 1 and 2 reporting, improving communication and audibility


Energy & Co. is a ~$3.4B provider of stored energy solutions based in the USA.

The company faced considerable challenges in collecting Scope 1 and 2 data across 160+ sites. Issues included the absence of a centralized data repository, cumbersome communication with data providers, unreliable and incomplete data, and the absence of an audit trail for ESG assurance.


Over a 90-day collaboration, ESG Flo:
Automated data collection, extracting utility data directly from invoices using OCR technology and connecting existing systems through customized integrations
Centralized and streamlined communication between the sustainability team and data providers
Introduced a system to quickly identify and address data gaps and anomalies
Provided transparent data calculations and a complete audit trail, enabling auditors to conduct reasonable assurance

“The reporting functionality is much more robust than our current solution and builds on data audibility and transparency. I love that it is less clunky and more user-friendly."

Head of ESG and Compliance
Energy & Co.
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Case Study


Navigating CSRD requirements and improving data visualization


Petroleum & Co. is a ~$16.5B Oil & Gas company based in Greece.

The company faced hurdles in understanding the required KPIs for CSRD compliance and in monitoring the emission impact of subsidiary companies under their corporate umbrella.


Over the collaboration period, ESG Flo:
Developed a robust framework to identify reporting KPIs necessary for CSRD compliance
Enabled visualization of emissions data by both individual companies and specific sites through dynamic dashboards
Empowered informed decision-making and strategic planning

“We’ve automated a very manual process, saving time and resources for other projects. It’s been better tracking, a single source of truth, and much higher visibility.”

Chief Sustainability Officer
Petroleum & Co.

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