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Using AI to develop an ESG strategy for industrial companies
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A user-friendly platform designed for streamlined collaboration, task automation, and audit-proof accuracy. Prepare to report confidently in line with leading ESG disclosure standards.
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ESG Flo’s mass-based approach and Scope 3 proprietary model for emission calculations is a game-changer. It is much more accurate than our internal solution and is making our total emission calculations substantially more precise.

Amy Vernon

Director of Sustainability, ESG and Global Product Compliance
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Amy Vernon
This is a one-stop-shop for us. We don’t have to go to multiple data owners to get information. The tool does exactly what we need it to.

Sonali Samani

Head of Environmental, Social and Governance
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Sonali Samani
We’ve automated a very manual process, saving time and resources for other projects. It’s been better tracking, a single source of truth, and much higher visibility.
Head of ESG and Compliance
Energy & Co.
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