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Your challenges

Enterprises today have a big job. They need to keep up with new regulations mandating them to disclose Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) information – like the CSRD in Europe and SEC rules in the USA – and tell their investors and customers how they're doing.

They also have to figure out how to collect all sorts of information about their impact on the planet and society, which can be really tough, especially when this information is all over the place.

Plus, they need to make sure everyone in their company is working towards the same green goals, come up with a plan to get there, and then share their progress with the world.

And if that wasn't enough, they also have to make sure everything they report is as accurate and trustworthy as the financial info they share.

Enterprises challenges
Enterprise solution

Our solution

Imagine a tool that makes all of this easy. ESG Flo helps companies gather all their ESG data, whether it's numbers like electricity use or things like company policies.

Then, it organizes this info so companies can easily report it according to different rules and standards, without having to do the same work over and over.

It also makes it extremely easy for companies to show auditors everything they need to see.

Plus, we work closely with experts and consultants to help companies figure out where they stand, set ambitious green goals, and achieve them.

The ESG Reporting Software made for your needs

ESG data collection
Automated reporting
metrics calculation
Simplified compliance
framework alignment
ESG audit facilitation
Sustainability strategy
Decarbonization plan
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Case Study

Streamlining data processes and compliance

A multinational enterprise faced challenges in aligning its numerous departments towards its ESG goals, managing data collection, and ensuring compliance with various reporting standards. With ESG Flo's assistance, the company successfully streamlined its data collection processes, automated the mapping of ESG metrics to relevant frameworks, and significantly reduced the time and effort required for compliance and reporting. The partnership enabled the enterprise to present a transparent, accurate, and comprehensive ESG report to its stakeholders, enhancing its reputation and investor confidence.

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