Ensure a Full Audit Trail for your ESG Reporting Metrics

Discover ESG Flo's Traceability Feature for calculating and processing data. Get a full audit trail from source documents to disclosure of ESG reporting metrics.
Amy Ryu
December 30, 2023

The ESG compliance platform that uses AI to automate the collection and transformation of data into audit-ready metrics.

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Welcome to ESG Flo, the forefront of sustainability data management. Our AI-powered platform is designed to simplify and streamline the process of data collection for reporting, including compliance with CSRD and SEC regulations. Today, we're excited to share a feature that addresses a common pain point faced by our clients and their auditors - the absence of traceability in calculations and data processes.

The problem

External assurance is fairly new to this industry and clients often encounter difficulties during the audit process. The traceability feature addresses two of the many points. First, auditors need to understand and verify the many external assumptions utilized to calculate GHG emissions - especially when conducting re-calculation. Second, internal and external auditors are both inexperienced in GHG calculations. Frequently, time is wasted on the back-and-forth of getting additional clarification on how certain values are calculated.

Feature overview

‍When you navigate to our Documents - Upload page, you'll discover the seamless solution. For every normalization and conversion done on our platform, there is a tooltip that shows the exact assumptions utilized.

What’s more, there is a separate References section of the platform that shows all the conversions used for Emissions Factors, Currency, and Scientific Units in a single location. Think of this as the Appendix tables you used to find at the back of our textbooks.

Where this functionality shines

For audit purposes, the traceability feature ensures that every calculation can be re-conducted and verified, offering a foundational element for maintaining transparency and accuracy during audits. Internally, the traceability feature serves as a valuable tool for team members to comprehend the intricacies of ESG reporting processes. It provides clarity on how data is processed and reported.

Customer testimonials

Users feel supported by ESG Flo’s traceability features. One user even called it a "game-changer, offering a transparent view of ESG reporting processes." These testimonials highlight the real and varied benefits of ESG Flo's traceability feature from different user perspectives.


ESG Flo is committed to supporting you in the audit process. Through our monthly Audit Councils, ESG Flo understands both what clients and auditors need. Through the traceability features, our goal is to free up the time you spend on going through both internal and audit so that you can work on initiatives that drive your passion.


ESG Flo is the AI-powered platform for accurate, complete, and auditable data. It simplifies compliant reporting, third-party verification, and responsible decision-making. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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