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Chiara Meacci

Chiara Meacci

Co-Founder and Head of Marketing

Through my blog, I aim to inspire readers about different topics in the ESG space. I love sharing thoughts about latest innovations and contribute to shaping a more sustainable future.

About Chiara Meacci

Meet Chiara, a dynamic professional with an impressive educational background from Bocconi University and the Rotterdam School of Management. Her career at Bain & Company has been focused on building cutting-edge SaaS solutions that harness technology to revolutionize various industries.

Originally from Italy, Chiara is deeply passionate about venture building, artificial intelligence and sustainability. Her impactful work includes a paper highlighting the role of businesses in combating climate change. She champions the importance of global collaboration to tackle urgent issues like climate change, social inequality, and corruption.

A firm believer in the power of writing as a tool for awareness and change, Chiara supports ESG Flo, a SaaS solution she views as crucial for advancing corporate responsibility in climate and social change. Her future plans involve writing to demystify the ESG space, helping readers to understand and navigate its complexities.

Outside her professional life, Chiara enriches her knowledge in psychology, design, and alternative medicine, with a particular interest in Chinese medicinal practices. Her diverse interests and expertise not only shape her professional contributions but also inspire and educate those around her.

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