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Emma Jowett

Policy Specialist

Emma specializes in navigating evolving ESG regulations, guiding companies to align with the latest policies while fostering sustainable practices to have a positive impact.

About Emma Jowett

Policy Specialist Emma possesses a deep understanding of current sustainability policies and regulations, leveraging her expertise to navigate the intricate landscape of corporate compliance. With a robust background in researching and writing, Emma has delved into diverse subjects, from pioneering asset classes to producing comprehensive guides aiding corporations in meeting regulatory standards.

Having pursued her bachelor's degree in Economics and Management at Bocconi University in Milan, Emma has cultivated an international perspective that enriches her professional endeavours. This global outlook infuses her work with a multifaceted understanding, enabling her to incorporate diverse viewpoints into her strategic recommendations. Emma's dedication to advancing sustainability within the corporate sphere underscores her role as a dynamic and forward-thinking Policy Specialist for ESGFlo.

In her spare time Emma enjoys spending time outdoors, practising various sports and delving into captivating books.