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Fernanda Ferreira

Student and Marketing Manager

As an impact-driven individual, my goal is to support companies
in clarifying the regulatory space for sustainability, allowing
them to make more informed decisions.

About Fernanda Ferreira

Fernanda has cultivated a passion for writing since a young age. Through her articles, she is committed to providing the most comprehensive knowledge in the simplest way possible. She believes that change, especially in the climate arena, starts with clearly understanding the available information. Currently, the regulatory frameworks for sustainability are still very technical and not standardized, which is one of the biggest challenges for companies willing to report their ESG efforts.

Fernanda aims, through her writing, to enable a clearer and more complete overview of the news, rules, frameworks, roles, and responsibilities for companies regarding sustainability. In this way, they can focus on driving change through concrete sustainability initiatives rather than only trying to understand the current environment.

In her free time, she likes to spend time with her loved ones, read, and try out new restaurants and bars in Milan, where she is based. She aims to drive impact through her articles.

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