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Amy Ryu

Amy Ryu

Head of Product

With my blog, I aim at guiding, inspiring, and engaging my readers on how ESG Flo's features are revolutionizing sustainability management. I love sharing insights and connect with my readers.

About Amy Ryu

Meet Amy, Head of Product at ESG Flo. Amy's passion lies in collaborating with clients, designers, and engineers to create optimal solutions for streamlining ESG data collection, helping sustainability teams globally.

Her impressive career includes product management at Apple, driving customer growth and data engineering at a unicorn startup, and providing digital analytics consulting. Amy's educational journey is equally remarkable, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University, a Masters in Computer Science from UPenn, and an MBA from Wharton.

Amy thrives on challenges, both professionally and in her personal life. When she's not leading her team at ESG Flo, she embraces the great outdoors, engaging in activities like hiking, skiing, biking, or running. Her dynamic approach to work and leisure embodies a spirit of innovation and resilience.

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