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EnerSys Embraces AI to Elevate ESG Reporting and Compliance

Partnering with ESG Flo, EnerSys leverages AI to transform sustainability data into actionable, auditable insights across global operations.
Chiara Meacci
April 17, 2024

The ESG compliance platform that uses AI to automate the collection and transformation of data into audit-ready metrics.

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In this interview, discover how EnerSys, a global leader in stored energy solutions, has partnered with ESG Flo to revolutionize its approach to sustainability data management. This case study delves into the challenges EnerSys faced, its strategic path to carbon neutrality, and the pivotal role ESG Flo's AI-driven compliance platform plays in transforming raw data into auditable metrics across 200 sites worldwide.

Q: What are EnerSys' sustainability goals, and how is ESG Flo aiding in their achievement?

Sam Shiroff, Senior Director Global Sustainability at EnerSys: Our overarching goal is to meet or exceed our stakeholder expectations.  Energy storage is climate tech, but to “talk the talk” you have to “walk the walk” and doing that means have robust, high-integrity data.

Christina Sivulka, Global Sustainability Manager at EnerSys: Our primary goal is to achieve carbon neutrality for Scope 1 emissions by 2040 and Scope 2 emissions by 2050. ESG Flo is instrumental in helping us measure and track our progress towards these goals, particularly with the platform's capability to process complex data across our global sites.

Q: What initial challenges did EnerSys face that led to seeking a sustainability solution?

Christina, EnerSys: The main challenge was finding a data management solution that allowed for both auditability and user-friendliness. We required a system that could be easily adopted across our 200 sites by individuals from diverse backgrounds and languages. Auditability was crucial due to emerging disclosures from the SEC, Europe, and others.

Q: How did ESG Flo distinguish itself among other solution providers?

Sam, EnerSys: ESG Flo stood out because it specifically catered to mid-cap manufacturers like us, offering a more customized solution. Many other solutions we considered were not as user-friendly. Also, being backed by Bain & Company, ESG Flo brings a positive culture and expertise into an innovative startup environment. Their attention to our feedback was crucial for the success of this partnership.

Christina, EnerSys: Additionally, most platforms required uploading numbers from Excel into their system, but the real challenge is collecting those numbers in an auditable manner. This is where ESG Flo excels and sets itself apart from many other solutions.

Q: How has the collaboration between EnerSys and ESG Flo been?

Sam, EnerSys: It has felt more like a partnership than a transaction. ESG Flo was keen on learning from us and utilized Christina's expertise to enhance their solution. We shared insights, and in return, received a platform that truly meets our needs, making the onboarding and training process for our site managers straightforward and efficient. Alexa, ESG Flo’s Customer Success Manager, played a key role in ensuring a smooth onboarding process.

Q: Can you quantify the benefits of using ESG Flo, particularly in terms of time savings and data accuracy improvement?

Christina, EnerSys: The benefits are significant. We expect significant time savings not only in data collection but also during internal and external audits. Having this system in place simplifies these processes, reducing both time and stress. Furthermore, the introduction of additional modules, like the CSRD compliance and Scope 3 emissions calculation, will bring substantial cost savings. While hard to quantify precisely, the overall value is undoubtedly vast.

Q: What has been the most rewarding aspect of using ESG Flo?

Christina, EnerSys: The ease with which our site operators have adopted the platform and their positive feedback have been incredibly rewarding. The transition was smooth, leading to more accurate and timely data entry.

Q: Reflecting on the partnership, how has ESG Flo met or exceeded your expectations?

Sam, EnerSys: ESG Flo has kept all their promises, met timelines, and incorporated our feedback into their product, which is rare in my experience. Their approach to partnership, taking our suggestions seriously and implementing them, has been exceptional.

Q: Looking ahead, what are EnerSys' expectations for sustainability reporting and audit readiness?

Sam, EnerSys: Our focus is on automating reporting and compliance as much as possible. We prepare everything to be audit-ready, focusing on high-integrity data. Although we're not currently undergoing external audits, readiness is our priority, and ESG Flo is key in ensuring we meet these standards.

Q: What advice would you offer other companies regarding their sustainability reporting efforts?

Sam, EnerSys: Don’t underestimate the workload. Start building a robust and streamlined data infrastructure as early as possible. Understanding the elements most relevant to your operations and involving your legal and compliance teams early on will ensure a coordinated strategy. This can turn into a significant opportunity for your company.

Final Thoughts

In an environment where sustainability efforts are increasingly scrutinized and regulated, the collaboration between EnerSys and ESG Flo exemplifies the power of partnership, innovation, and shared commitment to a sustainable future. For companies embarking on their sustainability journeys, EnerSys and ESG Flo's success offers valuable lessons and inspiration, demonstrating that ambitious environmental goals are achievable with the right tools and partnerships.

About EnerSys

EnerSys is a global leader in providing comprehensive energy storage solutions for industrial applications. Known for its innovative approach and commitment to sustainability, EnerSys is dedicated to powering the world in a cleaner, more efficient manner, striving towards carbon neutrality and environmental stewardship.

Christina Sivulka serving as the Global Sustainability Manager at EnerSys, orchestrates the company's ESG data collection and management initiatives, ensuring accuracy and integrity across global operations.

Sam Shiroff holds the role of Senior Director, Global Sustainability at EnerSys, where he spearheads the development and implementation of the company's ESG strategy, driving sustainability efforts and establishing benchmarks for performance and improvement.

About ESG Flo

ESG Flo is transforming how companies approach sustainability compliance. With its advanced AI platform, ESG Flo automates the tedious tasks of data collection and conversion into audit-ready metrics, making sustainability reporting accessible, accurate, and actionable.

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