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Kushboo Singhania

Sustainability Specialist

Kushboo shares insights into the latest trends in sustainability, offers practical tips for businesses, and fosters a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet.

About Kushboo Singhania

Kushboo’s experience is marked by impactful contributions to the emerging economies ecosystem. Her career spans leading the tech accelerator program collaborating with technology impact startups in the space of energy, healthcare, and green buildings to consulting corporates, government and international development funds in responsible investments. Moving from an Engineering degree to a Masters in Climate Change and Finance from Imperial College London, she believes in mastering her craft and staying ahead of times.

Her expertise lies in navigating the complex landscape of environmental, social, and governance issues, ensuring that ESG Flo enables clients to exceed industry standards and revolutionize sustainability management. She is passionate about driving sustainable change through innovative solutions, and finds solace in nature, books and travelling to offbeat places.